Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Week 69 - Miracles Not a Few

Hello All!
     Winter is coming, and I can't believe it's happened that fast.  It seems like just yesterday I came up from Lethbridge in the middle of a snowstorm, and now it is coming back.  We've gotten a few little snow falls this week, and we're back to sweater weather, but I'm loving it.  There wasn't too much snow, but there were tons of blessings this week pouring down from heaven, and I wanted to talk about those.
    I told you a bit about Cole last week, and he's doing well.  At first, I wasn't sure if he really saw us as any different from all the other Christians running around and saying they "have" the truth, but we had a lesson with him earlier this past week, and he really opened up to us.  He talked about the decisions he's made that he regrets, the hopes he has for the future, the way he feels about himself, and it was so easy to see how the gospel can help him through it all!  There's a chance that he'll be moving soon to find a higher-paying job, and his current work keeps him busy on Sundays, but I just hope he'll be able to see the blessings of the gospel, and come unto Christ.
    Another night this week, we were at the stake center practicing for a "Whose Line is it Anyway?" activity we'd been asked to be a part of by our YSA ward, and some members of another ward let us know there was someone in the foyer who just wanted to learn about us.  We went out and met Ishan.  He's from London, and is Sikh.  He's 19 years-old, and has been going to a lot of churches trying to learn what he can.  He was prompted to come by the chapel once before, but didn't find anyone there.  The next time he felt like coming, we just so happened to be there.  We taught him a little about the Restoration that night, and taught him the next day as well.  He came out to the "Whose Line..." activity on Friday, and made it to some of priesthood meeting on Sunday.  He says he's not going to "convert", because he's quite loyal to his upbringing and his religion, but we're hopeful he'll find out for himself the truth of everything he's seen so far, and I know he can!
    On Saturday, we were supposed to be really busy teaching lessons, but a couple fell through.  We still accomplished quite a bit, and had a great lesson with Mauricio, but didn't quite have the day we were hoping for.  Then the elders in the Valley View Ward let us know about someone they'd tracted into that day.  It was actually a family whose names are Luke, Crystal, Nicholas, and Aidan.  Luke and Crystal are just a young couple with 2 year-old twins, Nicholas and Aidan.  Elder Wilson and Elder Stanley (the Valley View elders) met them earlier in the day on Saturday, and found a lot of interest.  So, they arranged to come back later with a member.  They had a great lesson with them, and found out that they are just about to move into our ward boundaries.  I'm sure that was probably a bummer for them to realize, but they let Elder Rigtrup and I know about them, and were really gracious about the whole thing.  Crystal came to church on Sunday, and realized she had a friend who is actually a member of our ward!  She was asking me about the sacrament before, and was wondering if she had to wait until she was baptized to take it.  We're going to meet with them tomorrow, and I can't wait to see, even more than I already have, how much the Lord has prepared them to receive the gospel!
    This week, and my entire mission, have strengthened my testimony so much that our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ truly are at the helm.  They know what they're doing, and if we let them, they'll make us instruments in their hands in doing their work.  They'll also provide us with incredible blessings on top of opportunities to serve.  A lot of people just attribute those things to luck, but, as our YSA Elder's Quorum President said yesterday, "I don't believe in luck.  I believe in blessings."  I do too, and I am so grateful for the blessings I've been given.  I just hope I do what I can to be worthy of them, and use them how I'm supposed to.
    I love you all so much.  You're some of my greatest blessings, and I hope you're receiving all the blessings you deserve in your lives. (That's a lot, in case you weren't sure. :) )  Have a great week!  Be good!  Have fun!
Love ya!
Elder Hafen

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