Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Week 55 - The Phone Call

Hello All!

    I hope you're all having a wonderful summer week!  It's been nice and hot up here for us.  And when I say hot, I mean real hot, not Canadian hot.  On Wednesday, it actually got up to 38 degrees Celsius. (Just about 100 degrees Fahrenheit.)  It's been beautiful, though, and I've been so blessed to have been called to serve in such a gorgeous place.
    The work is going well, and the transfer is winding down.  If my current trend continues, I'll be transferred next week, but we'll see!  I've really loved serving in this area, and I can't believe I've already been here as long as I was in my other areas.  
    In other news, I'll be 20 years old tomorrow....what the heck?  I still feel very much like a high schooler, and not at all like I've been alive for two decades, but I guess I have.  That's weird, eh?
    There honestly isn't too much to update you on this week as far as our investigators go.  Cindy was at church and is still doing well, though we've had awful luck seeing her for lessons lately.  Dre was at his biological dad's this week, and we didn't get the chance to see him.  We had another great lesson with Bruce, and he's making slow but steady progress. 
    I do want to share a pretty significant success from my last area, though: So, last night, Elder Poulter and I were getting ready for bed, and we got a phone call.  The woman who called asked for me, and so I answered. (duh)  After that, whose voice do I hear but ROB'S!  They had called to let me know that Rob had been baptized on Saturday!  It was honestly one of the happiest moments of my life, and as I talked to Rob and Dawn about it and the possibility of being with them when Rob goes through the temple for the first time, I couldn't help but feel so grateful for the blessing I have had to be a part of these wonderful people's lives.  As I continued to think about it, a picture came to my mind, D&C 50:22, which says. "Wherefore, he that preacheth and he that receiveth,understand one another, and both are edified and rejoice together."  I testify that that is true, and I'm so grateful that the Lord allows us to be a part of the conversion of our brothers and sisters.  The joy that brings is truly one of a kind.
    Sorry to be so short this week, but thank you all so much for your wonderful support and examples!  I have been blessed throughout my life to have amazing family and friends, and I am truly grateful for that.  Have a great week!  Be good!  Have fun!

Love ya!
Elder Hafen

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