Monday, May 5, 2014

Week 44 - Nothin' To Write Home About

Hello All!

    Don't worry, there are things to write home about.  I'm just referring to the snow...again.  I thought we were free, but this weekend proved me wrong.  It's all right, though!  It's not nearly as cold as it used to be, and all this moisture is going to make for a beautiful green spring.  I'm kind of excited for that, if you can't tell.  It has been a great week with lots of fun happenings in the Sundance and McKenzie wards.  Elder Bensing didn't scare any old men, and we're both looking forward to see what transfers this week will bring. ( I seriously doubt either of us will be transferred since we came in together, but you never know, right?)  A little something going on next Sunday is also creating some anticipation. ;)  It's crazy to think that this is my second Skype call home, and I just hit my 10-month mark on Saturday.  Time flies when you're serving God.  
    The work is going well, and we're trying to become the most fruitful missionaries we can be in this wonderful area!
    Tethloch will be baptized on Saturday the 10th with his little sister, Nyamal.  We finished teaching them the missionary lessons yesterday, and they are both so excited.  Like I said before, it's always so wonderful to see how innocent and pure these kids are, and how much they really desire to follow Christ, as well as how much they know about Him!  It's been a real blessing to be able to work with this family.  
    We were able to meet with Jody and Leanne this week, and they're doing well.  Jody recently got a new job, and we're hoping that that will mean he will start to have more Sundays off so he can come to church.  
    We weren't able to meet with a lot of our other investigators for various reasons this week, which was a little sad, but we'll be sure to see them soon!  The Lord has blessed us to be able to teach some really wonderful people, and I only hope that we are receptive to His guidance in helping them progress back to him.  I know that He guides this work, because it is His work.
    Though we didn't see a few of our investigators this week, we did see a few new ones!  On Sunday evening, we went with one of our Ward Mission Leaders to contact a referral that we had received from Tethloch's dad, actually,  Her name is Cecilia, and she's from South Sudan, just like Tethloch's family.  She has 5 kids, 4 girls and one little boy, and they are a wonderful family!  They're Catholic, but they're more than willing to learn more about Jesus Christ, and I hope they can feel the goodness and truthfulness of what we have to share with them.  
I wasn't super sure of what I wanted to share with you today, but something just came to mind.  As we were sitting in Fast and Testimony Meeting in Sundance Ward yesterday, pretty much every testimony had something to do with the temple.  Though I haven't been able to attend the temple since November, my testimony of what a wonderful place it is is still strong.  It is my Father's house, and it is a place where I can feel close to Him!  When I was little, I can vaguely remember how excited I would be when we would drive down to my grandparent's house in Southern California, as well as how disappointed I was when we left.  (There's a picture on the wall back at home to prove that.)  I feel pretty similarly about the Temple.  The peace and comfort I feel there are incomparable, and I can't wait to be there again.  If you have the opportunity, I would encourage you to go there, even if it's just to sit outside. I know it'll be worth your time. :)
    Thank you all so much for the wonderful influence you are on me!  Your examples and support have meant so much to me, and I hope you're all being blessed as much as you deserve to be.  Please have a wonderful week!  Be good!  Have fun!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!
Elder Hafen

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