Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Week 43 - Another Shenanigan‏

Hello All!
    Another wonderful week has come and gone, but the snow has come back for more!  Haha, It's really not too bad, the snow is normally gone in a day or so, and I really think that Spring could possibly perhaps maybe be right around the corner...I hope.  The work is good, our wards are fantastic, and the gospel is the greatest.
    Elder Bensing and I had lots of fun this week, one memorable experience being Elder Bensing almost giving an old man a heart attack when he knocked on his door and tried to scare him, thinking it was the members who lived next door.  He's such a fun guy, and I love him!  Our investigators continue to do well and bless my life.
    Tethloch and his little sister Nyamal are all set to be baptized on May 10th!  We met with the family yesterday and got the program all set up.  We also taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and it's always so great to see the understanding and faith that little children can have.  We can all learn a lot from them.
    We met with Jody this week along with his fiancée, Leann, and had a great lesson with them.  We're hoping his divorce will be finished soon, and that he'll be all ready to be baptized at that point.  I think he's got a way to go, but I'm sure he can get there.
    We were also delighted to see Julia and Drey (I think I spelled it wrong last week) at church yesterday.  We had arranged a ride for Drey there, but we weren't sure where Julia was or if she'd be there, but she was there and ready to go when our Ward Mission Leader came to give them a ride.  They both had a positive experience overall, I think, and they especially enjoyed the music.  They are such good kids, and I hope they gospel can help them get far above the circumstances they are currently in.  I know it can, and I know it can for all of us, we just have to let it.
    The H family is doing well.  Elder Bensing met with them on Tuesday while we were on exchanges, and we were also able to do a little service for them this week.  They're awesome, though, and we're hoping to see them soon.
    Today I wanted to talk a little about the Spirit of Elijah.  This week we met with one of the members of our ward so that he could help us become a little more familiar with family history and how we can use it in missionary work.  As he was showing us and teaching us how to use Puzzilla (an awesome new family history tool) along with Family Search, I was able to do some work on clearing up some information for my ancestors.  It was really nothing too big or important, but it was awesome!  I remember that in the past General Conference, the Spirit of Elijah was defined as the Holy Ghost bearing witness of the eternal nature of families.  I love that so much!  I was asked yesterday why I decided to come on a mission, and I realized that that is one of the biggest reasons; because I know that I have an eternal family, and I know that we could all have that!  I want to share that.  I want to be with all of my brothers and sisters in glory with our loving Heavenly Father and our beloved brother, Jesus Christ, who we would all be lost without.  I am so grateful for that knowledge, and for my amazing family.
    I love you all so much, and I hope you have a wonderful week!  Be good!  Have fun!

I love ya, eh?
Elder Hafen

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