Monday, June 15, 2015

Week 102 - The Usual

Hey All!
Another week has come and gone in good 'ol Lethbridge.  Time is definitely not slowing down and people keep asking me how much of it I have left for some reason.  Hmmm... Weird :)  Things here are great - as usual - and I'm loving life!  the work is good, and I'll try to give you a quick update on what's been happening.
   Elder Averett and I had the change to conduct our Zone Training Meeting on Tuesday, which I think turned out pretty well!  We've set a goal for new investigators this month, as well as to maintain the number of people on date to be baptized.  Because of that, our training was mostly on The Worth of Souls.  Please, please, please never forget that each one of you are of Huge worth to God!  We also met with two less-actives on Tuesday night, Amber and Adrienne, and had some good visits with them.  Amber just spent the last few days with her Dad, who is a Stake President, so I'm hoping that was a really good and spiritual experience for her.
   Wednesday was an exchange day and I was with Elder Barlow over in the Mountain Heights and Riverstone Wards.  It was a pleasure to be with Elder Barlow, who is a great missionary.  It was also pretty fun to be in a family ward too.  I had forgotten a little how much I like teaching families and especially kids :)  
   Thursday was pretty crazy as usual, with a couple of great lesson.  One with Jake, who actually asked for a blessing as well.  He seems to be a lot happier and is progressing really well.  We also met up with Sam and Bernie.  We're hoping they'll get engaged soon.  I think our lesson was appreciated and I'm hopeful it got them them thinking about things.
   Friday and Saturday were pretty fun actually.  There was a YSA Conference going on this weekend, so we got to be involved in that a bit.  We had a pretty open schedule otherwise so we did quite a bit of finding all over the place.  It turned out really well, and the Lord let us find some pretty awesome potentials, mostly for the family wards, but we did talk to a couple of really cool YSAs.
   It was a great Sunday once again.  We had a pretty big breakthrough with one less-active, Tyler, who mustered the courage he needed to come to Church.  He looked great in his suit, and it was really good to see him there.  We also got to meet up with Kim and talk a bit about the temple with her.  It is something she's had a few questions about.  I love teaching Kim.  Even though she has doubts at times, she keeps asking sincere questions and moves forward in faith to find answers.
   I want to share something I studied a bit about this week before I close.  I read Jacob 6:5 several days ago and there was a phrase in that verse that really popped out at me.  It tells us to "...cleave unto the Lord as he cleaveth unto you."  I looked up some cross-references and thought about that a bit, actually writing a little poem to express how I felt about it.  I'll share it here with you.  Hopefully it's not too bad ;)

  Feet dangling,
  Heights dizzying,
  I cling to Him above.
  His grip ne'er slackening
  Though mine is wavering
  My one true stay, His love.

  "Can I hold it long?"
  My constant anxious song
  "Just cling to me." His call
  He can't be wrong
  His grip is ever strong
  He won't have me fall.

  We need more strength than we have in this life, and our Father in Heaven and Savior are very capable to provide it!  They do all they can to ensure our happiness and safety.  All we have to do is to cleave unto them.  Never, never give up.  They never give up on you.
  Thank you again, all of you, for your love and prayers!  I know that I say that practically every week, but I'm honestly grateful for all of you, even though I'm probably not nearly grateful enough!  Have a beautiful day.
Be Good!  Have Fun!
Elder Hafen

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