Monday, June 9, 2014

Week 49 - 10 Days/11 Months

Hello Everyone!

    It's been a great week!  Things are going well with our investigators, Elder Asay and I are doing well, and the church is true.  Elder Asay is doing really well, considering he goes home in just about 10 days.  It's kind of strange to have a companion who's about to go home, it helps me realize how inexperienced I actually am.  It's nice to be humbled...sometimes. :)  
    We were able to see a couple more of our investigators this week, and they are doing well!
    We saw the H family this week and had a great lesson!  They had lots of questions as usual, but that's great, because they are actually willing to listen to us and accept that we may have something to contribute.  It was great too, because at the end of the lesson, we were inviting them to come to church, and their son, Matthew, said, "Mom, can we change?"  It was pretty great.  So, the whole family did come to church yesterday, and I think they had a great time.  They have some really great friends already in the ward, and they hit it off with some others as well.  It was pretty fantastic!
    We also saw Jody this week, as well as Cindy.  They are both doing well, and are trying to prepare themselves for baptism.  Jody and his fiancee have decided that they will be getting married in September, and he'll probably be baptized in November.  By that time, they'll be living up in Edmonton, and so we're doing what we can to help him be ready and worthy for that.  He and Cindy both have some things that they need to work through before they can be baptized, but I know the Lord will help them along and provide a way for them to do it, because it's just that important!  
    Sadly not too much else to report on our investigators.  We're trying to set up a time to go see Drey and his dad again, as well as Sesilia and her girls, and we're working with a few less-actives who are doing really well.  There's one in particular, Sister S. who is in her 60s and hasn't really been out to church since her 20s.  She's just started to read from the Book of Mormon again, and is willing to listen, and she's making great progress.
    Today I just wanted to share a scripture I came across in my personal studies.  It's 1 Corinthians 16:13-14."Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong.  Let all your things be done with charity." ('quit you' means behave like.) Sometimes, I think we all need a reminder like that.  One of the most important parts of the gospel is simply enduring to the very end.  I've realized that that doesn't just mean ambling along and barely doing what we're supposed to do just to appease our own conscience.  We need to be firm and steadfast.  We need to be anxiously engaged.  We need to strive always to do what the Savior would do.  I really need to apply that in my life.  It's hard overcoming the natural man sometimes, but grace is there, and it is sufficient to help us.  I know that, and I am so grateful for that.
      Thank you all so much for the wonderful people you are!  You're truly great, and I am truly grateful that I have been given the friends and family I have.  Have a great week!  Be good!  Have fun!

Love ya, eh?
Elder Hafen

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