Thursday, December 5, 2013

Week 22 - Snowed In!

Hello All!
    I hope you have all had a fantastic week!  Ours has been pretty dang exciting.  I'll apologize right now for not getting an email out yesterday; we were sort of snowed in, hence the subject line.  It started dumping snow pretty badly on Sunday night, so everyone had to park their cars-didn't really apply to us, of course- so we couldn't really go email or shop or anything.  So, our zone made their way to our stake center to hang out for the day.  Then, the snow just kept coming, and it got bad enough that we had to cancel all of our appointments for the night, and we were sort of stuck at the stake center.  Luckily, there were some wonderful members who were willing and able to shuttle us all back to our apartments through the snow.  It was quite the adventure! 
Quite a lot has been happening here as far as missionary work goes as well! ;)  We had a couple of lessons with Ben and Beth this week, which was awesome.  They are truly some of the most prepared people I have ever seen. (And I know that's not saying much, considering I've only been out 5 months, today actually, but I've seen some really prepared people already.)  They've already been taught the first couple of lessons, but they didn't really need them as far as learning goes.  I'm pretty sure they've read Preach My Gospel, and they've been around members for quite a while now.  As far as I know, they've really just been dancing around the idea of investigating the church seriously for about three years now, and now they're ready to be baptized!  They are really committed, and I know they've seen the difference the Gospel has made in their lives already.  Ben, especially, has had a really crazy and tough life, and I'm happy to see that he's finally found the truth!  They'll be married by our bishop in the next couple of weeks, and then baptized on January 1st, and I really can't see anything interfering with that.  Ben also has a brother, Sam, who we think has a lot of potential!
   Well, everyone, we just found out that we've got to finish up early today. but I hope you have a fantastic week!  Love the Savior!  Be good!  Have fun!
Merry Christmas!
Elder Hafen

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