Thursday, October 24, 2013

Week 16 - 'murica

Hello All!

   I hope you've all had a fantastic week!  I want to wish a happy birthday to my big brother, as well as to my wonderful friend Avonlea Dalley!  Happy Birthday!  
    Things are just wonderful here in Ray-town!  We caught some more pheasants this week, and also got our first glimpse of snow!  I say glimpse because it was actually sleet, something I haven't run into very often in my life.  Today we also had the chance to go on a bit of a Southern Alberta church history tour, and went to the spot where the first members of the church to come up here crossed the border.  I was standing inches away from the United States of America. *sigh*  I guess Canada is alright, too. ;)
    Elder Lauzon and I are really starting to get our area organized, and realizing just how much potential for missionary work there is in this quiet little Mormon town.  We're also building our friendship and learning how to work better together.  It's been great to be his companion so far!
Our investigators are doing well.  I'm sorry to say that Joe won't be baptized this Saturday, though.  We had a lesson with him, and then he asked his mom if he could have permission to be baptized, and she didn't grant it.  It's alright, though.  We actually had a really pleasant chat with Joe's step-dad last night, and it was good to get both sides of the story.  I can't wait for March 2 when Joe can finally be baptized and receive all the blessings being a member of the church brings!
    Shaidon (I learned I'd been spelling that wrong this week.  My bad.) is right on track to be baptized on the 2nd of November, and that's going to be awesome!  I really hope he becomes an example to his little brother and sister, as well as his dad, and I know he has the potential to be one.
    Meagan and Caelin are also doing well, though it's hard for them to be excited about church sometimes when they're stuck in the rut they are.  I have a lot of hope for them, though, and I hope I can do my part in helping them become converted to the Savior.
We also got a new investigator this week!  His name is James, and he's the brother of a recent convert in town.  We ran into James last Sunday at a missionary farewell, and asked him if he'd like to meet with us.  He said he would!  After that, though, we couldn't find a way to get a hold of him.  Then, out of the blue, his brother knocks on our apartment door!  *tender mercy* So, we set up a lesson for Saturday, and it was great.  James was really receptive to and accepting of what we had to say, and when we asked him if, when he came to know that the Book of Mormon was true, he would be baptized, he said he would!  Sadly, his mom doesn't seem to be a big fan of the church, so he didn't make it to sacrament meeting yesterday, but we still have a couple of lessons set up with him this week.  It's gonna be great!
    This week, I've really been realizing just how important the gospel is and should be in my life.  It's easy sometimes, as someone who's had the gospel my whole life, to take it for granted, but it really is the best thing ever! (No exaggeration.)  In 1 Nephi when Nephi is seeing the vision of the Tree of Life and learning what it means, the Spirit shows him that the fruit of the tree is the love of God, which "is the most desirable above all things,". (1 Nephi 11:22) Above all things!  We know that God loves us, and we know what His work and glory is, and because He loves us and wants to bless us beyond what we can imagine, He's given us the gospel.  He's shown us the way to have peace and joy in this life, and eternal happiness (with those we love, might I add) in the life to come!  Not only that, He has shown us the way in so many different ways!  He's given us the Bible, the Book of Mormon, Prophets, personal revelation, and the knowledge that He sacrificed His beloved Son to make it all possible.  All because He loves us, and because He, better than anyone or anything in existence, knows what is best for us and what will bless us.  The gospel is the way we will return to live with the Heavenly Father who loves us and knows us perfectly, and how we will receive His love, which is "desirable above all things".  I'd say it's pretty wonderful.
    I love you all!  Have a great week!  Be good!  Have fun!  Remember who you are!

Elder Hafen

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