Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Week 1 - The MTC - The Belly of the Beast

I'm sitting in the MTC Laundry Room at the moment (which is insane if you haven't experienced it), and I'm so grateful to have gotten through this first week of my mission.  Just in case you get the wrong impression, the MTC is wonderful and I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to be here; I have learned so much, seen so many friends, made wonderful friends, and been strengthened so tremendously.  However, it is also really really really hard.  Anyone who has served a mission is probably just saying, "no duh", but it is really something that can only be experienced on your own.  I am anxious to fly out to Calgary next week, but I know the coming days will continue to prepare me so well for the field! We have a couple of "investigators" at the moment, and it's so great/frustrating to be able to teach them and learn how to teach them.  Oh, and the food is pretty good. ; )
    My district is wonderful!  There are three companionships of Elders: Elders Jacobs and Wake, Elders Bennion and Mackey, and myself and my companion Elder Shaw.  We are also blessed to have three wonderful sisters: Sisters Gardner, Shumway, and Heslop.  I was called as District Leader after we met with our branch presidency (yipee) and it has been great!  We have all come so close and are trying to be more obedient.  We have been promised so many blessings as we are obedient, and I am so pleased with our district.  Fun fact: Our branch presidency's names are President Ohman, Brother Menlove, and Brother Wiseman.  They are also wonderful!
    I want to tell you a little about the 4th of July.  To celebrate the holiday, we had a special treat from the MTC presidency.  We had a special devotional where we watched "17 Miracles" (great movie, if you haven't seen it.) and afterward, they let us go outside and watch the fireworks at Stadium of Fire and even gave us Ice Cream!  Of course, this meant we were out until about 11, and when you are scheduled for the earliest breakfast time at 6:30, you want as much sleep as you can get.  It was a lot of fun, though, and it really hasn't been a problem getting up at about 5:45 every morning.  For those of you who know my sleeping habits, you'll know I'm having help in that aspect of the work. ; )
    There isn't too much else to say, but I know that's easy for me to say, so if I missed anything, please chastise me and I'll try to let you all know more next week.  I love you all so much, and I miss you tremendously, but I'll have to deal with that for a couple of years!  Let me know how things are going at home and in your lives; News from home really strengthens me, as strange as that may sound.  Again, I love you!

        Elder Hafen

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